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Composites, or tooth coloured fillings, are made of a durable material similar in colour and texture to the natural tooth. Tooth coloured fillings bond to teeth, unlike silver amalgam fillings that can, over time, expand and contract causing cracks and recurrent decay.

Venus restoration

For people with chips, gaps between the teeth, staining and discoloration, slight crookedness or misshapen teeth, this same composite material may also be applied to the surfaces of teeth that show most prominently when you smile providing you with a minimally invasive smile makeover.

Venus restoration

A restored tooth does not differ from a natural one, its solidity is no less than that of natural enamel.

The composite is applied layer-by-layer to match the natural tooth. It is then hardened with a laser and polished to a high shine once it’s set.

Venus® Universal Composite

At Church End, we use the Venus® Universal Composite, a light-curing, ultra-fine composite derived from the purest glass in the world, offering a wide range of 27 shades with unique light-handling characteristics that replicate natural dentition perfectly, giving a warm, vital appearance that blends in perfectly with surrounding teeth.

Venus restoration

Venus Diamond® is a new composite that combines low shrinkage and high strength in a unique way. This material can adapt uniquely to the colour of the surrounding tooth structure and features an outstandingly natural look.

Venus Flow® is a a flowable material that ideally compliments the performance of Venus where precise adaptation to the tooth is required. Venus Flow® only flows when it is moved with an instrument so it can be controlled at all times. Venus Flow® can be used on its own or in conjunction with Venus highlighting the natural effect.

Heraeus Kulzer Venus


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