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Private only service: 07661001236

NHS Emergency Service: 111


If you cannot attend an appointment, please notify the clinic a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in:

NHS: You may not be given another appointment.

PRIVATE: You will be charged £20.00/10 mins. This may be changed at our discretion.

Private Fees - effective from May 2021

Our Private-fee structure has been designed to reflect the quality, care, time & training spent in providing a high standard of treatment. Treatment fees are tailored to the individual patient’s treatment plan.


Please note, our Private fees have increased to reflect the costs that have been bourne out of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. We are looking into setting up a Private Patient Dental Plan to make the provision of Private dentistry affordable and cost-effective for you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in this matter.

Mr Neeraj Agrawal BDS
Principal Dental Surgeon/Owner
Church End Dental Clinic

Failure to attend or cancellation giving less than 24hrs notice for a hygiene appointment will result in automatic loss of the deposit.

Failure to attend or cancellation giving less than 24hrs notice for a dental appointment may result in a payable fee before another appointment is made or deregistration from the clinic.


Examination (Routine dental examination)£62
New Patient (Inc. 2 small x-rays)£72
Small x-rays (each) £12
Orthopantomograph (OPG)£80
Cone Beam Tomograph (CBCT) £120

Hygiene treatment

Standard session with Hygienist (inc £8.00 Covid safety surcharge) £74/visit
Airflow only £70
Hygiene + Airflow package (both carried out in the same visit) £105
Advanced Hygiene session £95/visit
Root Surface Debridement (RSD) £132/visit
4-visit Periodontal treatment with Hygienist
(Consultation + 2 x RSD sessions + Review visit) case dependent
From £375
Consultation with Periodontal Specialist £120
4-visit Periodontal treatment with Specialist
(Consultation + 2 x RSD sessions + Review visit)

Tooth Whitening

Enlighten (upper and lower 15-day programme) £565
Enlighten single syringe £55
POLAnight (upper and lower) £295
POLAnight single syringe £30

Short-Term Tooth Alignment* Adults over 21yrs only

Clear/Invisible Aligner system (upper and lower) From £3750.00
Fixed brackets system (upper and lower) From £3500.00
Fixed Stainless Steel retainer From £175/arch
Removable plastic retainer

*Complex cases beyond our scope of treatment will be referred to an Orthodontic Specialist.
From £120/arch

Treatment Specific Assessments (inc photos and study models)

Aesthetic/Smile design/Veneers £300
Implant £300
Short-term tooth alignment £300
Free-of-Charge 15-minute consultation can be booked with Mr Agrawal or Ms Patterson re: Implant, Short-term tooth alignment, Aesthetic or Root Canal treatments.

General Dentistry

Group 1
Small fillings – Amalgam or Reinforced Glass Ionomer
Group 2
Small fillings – Composite (single surface)
Recement metal-based crowns and gold crowns
Group 3
Small 2 surface composite filling
Simple extraction of incisor, premolar tooth (excludes wisdom teeth)
Recement bridge, All-ceramic crowns, Veneers and implant-retained crowns
Group 3
Large Composite filling (2 or 3 surfaces)
Direct core +/- fibre post (for crowns and bridges/tooth) – composite/ reinforced Glass Ionomer
Complex Extractions
Extraction Socket Debridement (carried out 6-8 weeks post-extraction)
Group 4
All Wisdom teeth
Surgical extractions
Composite Veneer (directly placed)/tooth
Group 5
(all these items will require CBCT scanning beforehand)
Specialised Surgical Wisdom tooth extraction* eg De-Corontectomy
Cyst Removal*
Fractured root removal*

*excludes use of substitute bone particulate to augment the surgical site.

Root Canal Treatments (includes x-rays and temporary dressings)


One Canal £348
Two Canals £470
Three Canals £684
Four Canals £750

Re-Root Canal Treatment

One Canal £468
Two Canals £565
Three Canals £770
Four Canals £870
Retrieval of fractured file £180

Laborartory-based items

Essix retainer £120
Soft nightguard £140


Partial Denture – Plastic - (inc clasps) (Standard) £600/arch
Partial Denture – Plastic - (inc clasps) (Premium) £800/arch
Full Denture – Plastic - (inc clasps) (Standard) £850/arch
Full Denture – Plastic - (inc clasps) (Premium) £1050/arch
Chrome Denture £1800/arch


All Precious metal (Silver) £600
Porcelain Bonded to Metal £650
All Ceramic (Emax/Zirconia) £750
Gold Shell (inc weight of gold used) £850.00


Resin Bonded Bridge (2-Unit) £600
Porcelain Bonded to Metal £650/tooth
All Ceramic (Emax/Zirconia) £750/tooth
Gold Shell (inc weight of gold used) £850/tooth


Composite (Laboratory made) £500.00/tooth
Ceramic (Emax/Lava) £600.00/tooth

Implant Treatment

Megagen Anyridge Implant (Grade 6 Titanium) £1350/implant
Implant-retained Porcelain-bonded to metal crown* £1000/tooth
Implant-retained Ceramic crown* £1200/tooth
Implant-retained Porcelain-bonded to metal crown* £1000/tooth
Implant-retained Porcelain-bonded to metal bridge*

*Includes implant-retained titanium abutment
Substitute Particulate bone (Bovine/Equine) £400.00/100cc
Substitute Mineral for bone growth £300.00/syringe
Specialised Membrane (PTFE or titanium) Inc retention tacks £200
Bone trap £150
Implant-retained Temporary crown £400
Implant-retained Temporary bridge £600
Standard Surgical Stent £280
CAD-CAM Surgical Stent £450
Denture Retention components £300.00/implant
Replacement Denture Retention housings £80.00/housing
Complex Hard Tissue bone graft/Sinus Graft will be referred to a Specialist colleague

Emergency treatments

Band 1 (E)
Consultation, advice + Small X-ray
Temporary dressing
Suture removal
Band 2 (E)
Complex Recement Ceramic crown/Veneer/Bridge (Any type)
Recement orthodontic brackets
Open up tooth (Extirpation) inc dressing
Removal of fractured portion of tooth inc dressing

There will be some treatments that are not itemised above due to their complex or specialised nature. These are generally case-specific. Your Dentist will discuss these with you before carrying out the treatment or using the product.


NHS treatment is free if you qualify according to the criteria set out by the NHS. Please ask a member of our reception staff for further details. If you do not qualify for free treatment, then the NHS fees are set out below.

NHS Fees from 14 December 2020

Band 1 £23.80
Band 2 £65.20
Band 3 £282.80
Urgent Care £23.80

Go to www.nhs.uk for further details regarding the 'bands' of treatment


For further information or to book a consultation, please call:
0208 346 3826 (Finchley)
0208 051 2055 (Enfield)


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