Private only service: 07661001236

NHS Emergency Service: 111


(NHS dental services available only in the Finchley clinic)


NHS treatment is free if you qualify according to the criteria set out by the NHS.

Please ask a member of our reception staff for further details. If you do not qualify for free treatment, then the NHS fees are set out below.

NHS Fees from 1st April 2019 (Finchley Clinic Only)

Band 1 £22.70
Band 2 £62.10
Band 3 £269.30
Urgent Care £22.70

Go to www.nhs.uk for further details regarding the 'bands' of treatment

If you cannot attend an appointment, please notify the clinic a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in:

NHS: You may not be given another appointment.

PRIVATE: You will be charged £20.00/10 mins. This may be changed at our discretion.

Private Fees - from October 2018

Our Private-fee structure has been designed to reflect the quality, care, time & training spent in providing a high standard of treatment. Treatment fees are tailored to the individual patient’s treatment plan.

Failure to attend or cancellation giving less than 24hrs notice for a hygiene appointment will result in automatic loss of the deposit.

Failure to attend or cancellation giving less than 24hrs notice for a dental appointment may result in a payable fee before another appointment is made or deregistration from the clinic.


Examination (Regular patient)£48
New Patient (Inc. 2 small x-rays)£72
'2nd Opinion' (Inc. 2 small x-rays)£90
Small x-rays (each) £10
Pan-oral x-ray £59

Hygiene treatment

Scale and polish (16+)/Hygienist/visit £59
Scale & polish (Child)/Hygienist/visit £40
Scale & Polish/Mr. Agrawal/visit £66
Scale & Polish with anaesthetic/visit £64
Airflow £65
Scale & Polsh + Airflow Pkg £105
Root planing/45mins visit hygienist £132
Reduced Root planing/30mins hygienist £95
Consultation with Specialist(30mins)£120
Treatment with Specialist/45mins visit£255
Periodontal Screening £40
Consultation with Specialist/30 mins £120
Treatment with Specialist/45 mins/visit £255
4 visit specialist treatment
inc. Consultation + 2x treatment visits + review appointment
(5% discount if the full fee paid at the outset)

Standard Restorative treatments

Amalgam Fillings from £55 - £125
White Fillings Small £95 -£110
Medium £120 - £180
Large £190 - £300
SDI RIVA ionomer fillings from £80

Advanced Restorative Treatments

Composite Inlay from £425
Ceramic Inlay from £495
Gold Inlay (+ cost of the gold used) from £515
Porcelain Bonded Crown £600
Porc. Bonded to Gold Crown £850
Gold Crown £725
Emax / Lava Crown £700
direct fibrepost & core £180.00
Directly placed core £120.00
Recement crown £75.00
Recement ceramic crown £125.00
Porc. Bonded Bridge/tooth £650
Porc. Bonded to Gold Bridge/tooth (excluding the cost of the weight of gold used) £700
All Gold Bridge/tooth (excluding the cost of the weight of gold used) £650
Sectioning Bridge £150.00
Ceramic / Porcelain Veneer (fee quoted is per veneer) £600
Composite / Plastic / Quartz Veneer (fee quoted is per veneer) £350
recement veneer £125.00
Diagnostic Wax Up/tooth £90
Study Models/set £105
Face Bow Registration £120
Soft Mouthguard £130
'Michigan' hard splint £700
Occlusal Analysis / 30 mins visit from £150


Dental Implant (Megagen™) £1350
Dental Implant (Astratech™) £1750
Computer aided design planning £375.00
Implant Borne Crown from £1000
Implant Borne Denture from £1800
Implant Borne Bridge £P.O.A.
Particulate Bone / Vial £280


Acrylic partial upper/lower denture from £625
Acrylic full upper/lower denture from £750
Acrylic full upper & lower denture from £1450
Cobalt-chromium denture/arch from £1800

Root Canal Treatment

One canal £348
Two canals £468
Three canals £684
Price/Additional canal £100

Re-root Treatment

One canal £425
Two canals £545
Three canals £770
Price/Additional canal £125


Simple Extraction from £130
Complex Extraction £220
Wisdom Tooth Extraction £180
Surgical Extraction from £350
Coronectomy of Wisdom Tooth £550
Crown Lengthening / Tooth £120
Post-operative Complications / visit (inc. prescription and socket dressing £75

Aesthetic Treatments

Tooth Lightening

Pola™ Take Home System (full mouth - 10 syringe ‘home’ application kit) £295
Individual Pola™ tooth whitening gel / syringe £30
Enlighten™ System (full mouth - 14 days 'home' application + 15th day: 60 mins 'in office' application) £565
Enlighten™ whitening 'top up' syringe (10% or 16%) £55
Non-vital Tooth Lightening (3 x 30 mins - excludes filling the access hole) £360

Short-term orthodontic Treatments

Six Month Smiles/clear smile brace £1500 - £3500
I.a.s Clear aligners £1750.00 - £3750.00

Facial Aesthetic Treatments

(botulinum toxin type 'A')

Up to 2 AREAS (up to 1 vial of Azzallure used) £295
3 or more AREAS (up to 2 vials of Azzallure included) £375
Additional vials of Azzallure £110 / vial
Dermal Filler/1ml tube
£295 - £325


For further information or to book a consultation, please call:
0208 346 3826 (Finchley)
0208 051 2055 (Enfield)


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